Neuron is NCQA HEDIS MY 2023 certified for Health Plan and Allowable Adjustment Measures

August 15, 2023

What is Neuron?

Neuron is a population health insights data engine.  Built for the modern cloud and designed with regulatory requirements that encompass the foundational health care insights to be shared across your entire care data ecosystem.

Neuron contains a catalog of configurable data services that produce detailed population health insights. The core insights include a robust set of population health quality measures and CMS risk adjustment RAF scores that can be further adapted to an organization's specific care and data requirements.

The foundational design philosophy around Neuron is the “democratization of data”.  Our goal is to enable our clients with the capabilities to easily integrate these insights into an already existing infrastructure.  This allows for much faster end-to-end experience at a much lower cost.

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What is HEDIS?

HEDIS, or the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, is a widely used set of performance measures in the managed care industry in the United States. Developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), HEDIS is designed to provide a standardized means of assessing the quality and effectiveness of care provided by health plans, hospitals, and healthcare providers.

The importance of HEDIS lies in its ability to offer a clear and consistent benchmark for healthcare quality. By measuring aspects like clinical care, patient satisfaction, utilization, and health plan management, HEDIS helps consumers make informed choices about their healthcare providers. For health plans and providers, HEDIS scores are used to identify areas for improvement, foster accountability, and guide quality enhancement initiatives. Regulatory bodies and payers may also use HEDIS metrics to ensure that healthcare entities are meeting established standards of care. Thus, HEDIS plays a critical role in driving quality improvement, increasing transparency, and promoting accountability within the healthcare system.

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Why does it matter?

Measuring population health is an indispensable facet of the healthcare ecosystem, as it provides a comprehensive view of health outcomes within a specific community or demographic. By aggregating data on various health indicators such as disease prevalence, mortality rates, and health disparities, healthcare providers and policymakers can identify specific areas of concern, as well as underlying social determinants that might be influencing these outcomes. This approach facilitates targeted interventions, allowing for more efficient allocation of resources and tailored programs, which could substantially reduce healthcare costs while simultaneously enhancing the quality of care.

Furthermore, understanding population health is vital for proactive healthcare management. Rather than merely treating illnesses as they arise, healthcare systems can use population health metrics to predict and prevent future health challenges. By analyzing trends and recognizing patterns, healthcare providers can initiate preventive measures, educational campaigns, and community-based programs aimed at specific at-risk populations. This not only improves the overall well-being of the community but also strengthens the resilience of the healthcare system by minimizing the burden of chronic conditions and potential epidemics.

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